Hello fellow Summoner! This is the official home page for the League of Legends Club at California State, Los Angeles. The purpose of the club is to allow students of like minds to socialize about our favorite MOBA-genre game. In the club, you will have the opportunity to meet and converse with other members at the school. Our club has weekly meetings to allow a more immersive experience. If you're up to be more then just a shadow, flop onto our discord where countless of members converse daily. If you're interested in checking out our schedule click the "calendar" in the navigation above! The world is full of too many trolls and feeders to be solo!


Come to the First meeting!
The meeting will take place at the
Alhambra Room - 305 At student union.
Meet the Club!
Keep an eye out for our table
Wednesday, August 22nd.
Join our Discord!
Talk with many other club members
on our discord.
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